So in all other game modes in Overwatch. I’ve been getting reasonable PING for my South African internet, but once I log into COMP I automatically have 1000 - 2000 PING. this is unnatural as even in AI COMP I still recieve 2000 PING and in any other custom game mode it seems to be the same case. Is there any known fix to this situation I am having, as it makes the game completely unplayable.

World ping is 128 ms, which is pretty normal for how far from the servers I am, I only play two games: World of Warcraft and Overwatch; the  Also tried bitrate 2000 and the same thing happens. Living in Europe (germany). Log: Spoiler. 21 Jun 2017 The Barrier has 2000 health, which blocks enough damage to kill you four times over. All your teammates' abilities pass through it, and it can be  12 Feb 2020 Packing a nearly 2,000-seat venue across the street from Madison Square Dallas Fuel hosts one of two Overwatch League opening weekend events. Rather than forcing teams to ping-pong around the globe, OWL  17 Feb 2020 Packing a nearly 2000-seat venue across the street from Madison Square Rather than forcing teams to ping-pong around the globe, OWL 

6 Jun 2019 If you can't keep up with Tracer in Overwatch now, it will only get much worse with 3 Mbps Ideally, you don't want a ping rate higher than 20 ms (milliseconds). Xfinity Internet, $24.99–$299.95^, 15–2000 Mbps, View Plans 

Alors que la saison 2 d’Overwatch qui est à ses premiers pas, un joueur atteint un cap gigantesque dans le FPS compétitif de Blizzard. L’accomplissement de TaZzerRK#2869 n’est rien de moins que spectaculaire.Le joueur français, selon sa page Twitter, a réussi ceci avec des statistiques assez éloquentes du moins. Les voici :

The ping (or latency) of a player is how fast they can send a command to the game and have the game (or its server) display what happened. So in an environment where the slightest misstep could have disastrous results for you and your teammates, low ping is a necessity. What’s a good ping? An acceptable ping is around the 40ms-60ms mark or

- windows 2000 pro, carte 3Com - windows 98 SE, carte realtek le ping localhost marche des 2 cotés, le ping du 2000 vers le 98 ne pose pas de probleme, Par contre ca marche pas dans l'autre sens !!!!! Incompréhensible !!!! G essayé de réinstaller la "[Overwatch] actually had a ping system at one point," Overwatch and Overwatch 2 lead hero designer Geoff Goodman said. "It ended up being a situation where it wasn't super useful. Maybe there's a